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E-Throttle +14V Thunder


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I am wiring my Thunder right now with the Hold Power High side wiring and i have question regarding the E-Throttle +14V for the E-Throttle Relay.

In The help file ECU hold power wiring  it is mentioned " See E-Throttle  wiring if using  E-Throttle "

In the generic internal E-Throttle Wiring it is mentioned "+14Vin "Note: Run from Main Relay, or if using ECU Hold Power ( in my case this Counts ) use ECU RELAY"

There is NO ECU RELAY mentioned in the ECU Hold Power Help file,... there is only a Main Relay which Feeds the ECU +14V and the ignition coil Relay,...


Can i use any generic +14V as an Input for the Relay as it is run by the ECU itself on the "AUX OUTPUT" to turn the Relay on, or do i have to use a specific 14V Input for the Relay where the 14V are cut off when the ECU gets powered down ? I just want to be sure where the 14V do have to come from,.. i am wiring it exactly as shown in the Hold Power High Side Wiring.


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