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FA20 DIT pickup


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HI guys,

Looking for help getting the trigger setup on the new FA20F DIT. I have lots of Subaru experience, a bit of pickup work in AEM ecus,  but not a whole lot of custom application stuff on the Link.

Reason for getting the ECU over other tuning options is because of camshaft changes... the stock ecu will no longer drive the GDI spill valve with a set of Piper (UK) camshafts... Piper is not supportive of this issue and does not seem to care to help or participate. (the lack of the spill valve means my fuel rail pressure maxes out immediately to 2900psi) I have mapped out the GDI pump per the link instructions and am ready to get deeper.


I am laying the LINK ECU in over the stock unit one system at a time. I have added an ignition coil the link controls to verify ignition/pickup points before I have the LINK take over vvt, fueling and ignition.

This crank pickup features one tooth every 10 degrees, with TWO sections of missing teeth. One section misses 4, one misses 3. The crank is also Hall-effect. All edges seem to be rising.

Like the earlier Suabru VVT system, the intake cams feature 3 teeth spaced 90 degrees (180 crank degrees) with one missing. The exhaust feature two teeth spaced every 180deg just like the 2008+ US STi. (but unlike the EJ engine this is hall-effect crank)


Do you guys think this will require a new hard-coded pickup?

The picture of my Modis shows the crank trigger and LH intake cam. The second picture is the trigger scope from the Link.





fa20 scope.jpg

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Hi. thanks for your reply.

The 13-16 BRZ uses a 36-2-2-2 reluctor. The 17+ seems to utilize a different setup and has new parts numbers and appears to be a hall-effect but may be a different pattern, i can get a wheel and check.

All of the 2014-2019 Subaru WRX and Forester DIT so far use this combo.


Is there a way we come up with something for this?

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Hi John, 

I just imported Piper cams and would really to know if you managed to sort out the problem because I am running a Cobb Accessport and are thinking of whether I need to change to a link ecu.



Hi John, 

Did you manage to sort out the cams?

I just bought Piper cams for my fa20dit and are wondering if it will work with my Cobb Accessport.




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