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Link Knock Detection system Algorithm


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Link black storm/ Inline 6 / 2 bosch sensors

I use knock detection system in all my setups now. i just need to understand some things regarding how it works. i got confused on something as one day i unplug the second sensor connector and i noticed i still see sensor activity in the software. for all cylinders

so how knock works in link. i thought we have 2 sensors i guess sensor no1 will be for Cyl 1,2,3 and sensor no2 will be for 4,5,6. as far as i see now that all sensors are used together 1 and 2 to listen to all cylinders. there is no dedicated sensor to no of cylinders i believe this make the algorithm less accurate. cause both sensors are listening at the same time for the cylinder that have the firing time. i feel the knock window should include one of the sensor only for the specific cylinder this will make detection more accurate.

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