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trouble shooting 0V APS sub DBW E throttle


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As the title suggests, i'm just trying to setup my fury and have the following issue

APS Main reads a voltage fine through travel of the pedal but APS Sub is reading 0v constantly


the pedal is ford fg, the throttle is BA ford

i figure it is a wiring issue, the pedal sensor has 6 wires as from the wiring diagram


apps 2 (an volt 5)

gnd - blank

app1 (an volt 4)

apps rtn (sensor gnd green wire)

apps vref (+5v signal red/blue)

vref - blank


all setup correctly in fury 

can anyone assist with why i might only be getting APS main reading?



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i was thinking that,

The pedal feels as if it has a kick down feature at 100% throttle which may just be a switch, i didn't want to wire that in case it caused a dead short


I'll chuck the multi metre on it and see if i can get some useful information from it and report back



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The newer Fords have a single analog output and a PWM output (which I think goes to the instrument cluster).  The Fiesta ST180 pedal is like this.  The only option I found was to connect the single analogue APP signal to both of the AN Volt inputs.  This does reduce the fault tolerance of the system and also wastes an Analog input, but sometimes its the only way.  Unless we can use PWM input for APP....


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Appreciate the input, i think i've had some luck as adam suggested i connected the spare gnd and vref to sensor gnd and 5v signal feed and i now have a functioning pedal


Haven't had a chance to test as yet but the ecu is no longer displaying a fault when the pedal is pressed


Hopefully this helps someone else in the future



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