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Fuel Pump Control


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I am looking at running a Walbro 460LPH in tank fuel pump in my 1995 RX7.

I don’t think the factory wiring and 2 speed set up will handle such a big pump.


I want to keep the variable speed so am looking at running the 33/66/100 PWM control.


Will  a 25A solid state relay like this work or will I need a Fuel pump controller.



Can any one recommend a relay to get?


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That one is for AC only.  You can get similar ones in DC versions but they need a big diode and heat sink to give reasonable life.  I have used the Hella ones for fuel pumps before - they are rated at 22A continuous so should do that pump no worries.  They also say they are ok for inductive loads so no need for a separate diode.  https://www.hella.co.nz/en/products/relays-flashers/solid-state-relays/12v-4-pin-solid-state-relay-22a.html  You need to supply the power to these from a separate relay that switches on/off with ignition.

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