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Controlling an electronic BOV with Link ECU


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I was looking at these:  Kompact EM-series BOV and wondering how it could be controlled by the link.

It's my understanding that some new OEMs use this sort of BOV for traction control, but that's not how I would want to utilize it.  In my case, I currently don't have a BOV.  The reason is that in the Toyota MR2 community, it is widely believed that having a BOV hurts spool between shifts.  I don't want to turn this thread into a debate over whether or not that's true or if it's harder on the turbo not having a BOV.  My main beef with this arrangement is that when lifting the throttle at low boost, I get a fluttery sound that I find annoying.

So my desire with this electronic BOV would be to program it to operate normally when lifting the throttle at low boost, but have it stay closed when lifting at high boost.  I would also like to use it as an overboost safety relief.

My assumption is that I would control it with a GP PWM output and set up a table with axis on TPS delta and MGP like below:


I'm not sure yet if this BOV is designed to work with a PWM signal or rather just strictly an on/off signal.  I have an email in to the company asking.

If anyone else is controlling an electronic BOV with their Link, I'd be interested to learn how they are doing it.



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