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Wiring Questions for Gracey


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Ok I figured it out.  I will copy and paste my questions to be answered here.  Thank you so much for help given and future assistance.

Ok great.  My next question is My nitrous activation.  I already have everything else wired up.  I have the extension harness x2.  Which wire is a good one to connect the nitrous activation, and the nitrous pressure switch?  Again Thank you for your assistance.



Wait, Wait lol.  Also my Innovative wide-band.  Do i now connect it to the external harness or do I splice it into the existing front o2?  If the external harness, which pin on the pic?

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Nitrous activation would likely go to one of the DI inputs, pressure switch could go to a spare DI or Volt input, all depends on what you have spare in your ECU configuration

If you're connecting the innovate analogue output to the ECU, you would use one of the spare Volt inputs

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