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Nitrous fixed injector duty cycle?


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Adding some Nitrous to help get up on boost, using a dry system with the 8 engine fuel injectors to provide the additional fuel, would have liked to just add a fixed injector DC increase across the effected rpm range,  but can probably only add a percentage to the main map via the 4 or 5d tables which is messy as i have to estimate the engines power at each rpm cell to determine a percentage change for each one, then if the base engine power changed ie boost change, the added percentage will be incorrect, any ideas??

Black strip dyno only

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Unfortunately I cant see a way to do what you want if you are already using all 8 injector drives.  We have the "Auxilary injection" function designed for this (can be set up to be based on mS or duty cycle) but that needs a spare injector drive and a separate injector to work. 

A GP PWM aux output can also be used to drive an independant injector but if you want to use the normal port injectors then it can only be a percentage sorry.

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