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Engine surging after it warms up...undriveable


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Good morning,

I'm helping a friend with his car.  The car was sitting for about 7 months due to a broken transmission.

I replaced the transmission and got the car running again. 

The car starts fine, but after it warms up, the engine starts surging up/down and it's undriveable.  Once the car cools down and we try again, the same process happens.

I also noticed that when placing the key to the ON position, the fans will run continuously. 

The car is a Subaru 98 2.5rs with a JDM EJ20 something swap from the older pre-200 STI.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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You log shows it has massive trigger errors once it gets warm.  I suspect this probably means the cam timing is out but it maybe something wiring related.  Can you warm the engine up until it starts surging then do a trigger scope (while still idling).  Here is a quick vid showing how to do the triggerscope:     https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY

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That's what TAC said as well.  Attached is the trigger scope.  Just in case I replace the cam sensor with a known good one, issue is still there.

I would think that if it was a cam/crank sensor or wiring that it would do it right away?  Why is it that it only does it once its warmed up?

I also noticed that the fans are constantly running. Not sure if they have been rigged to do so.


Thank you.


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