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Wideband connection


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Hi all

Just hooked up my Innovate MTXL wideband to do some tuning on my Evo 7. I'm getting the dreaded voltage offset issue where the value in pc link is showing just over 1 afr point leaner than on the gauge. I know this can be solved by using a common ground with the ecu or by using a can-lambda wiring loom but I'd prefer not to use either if possible


I do a lot of stock ecu road tuning on evo's and sti's and so my widebands power is connected to a connector that I plug into the cigarette lighter and the digital out connector is then connected to a serial cable which is connected to my PC. The program that I use for logging has the ability to then log AFR that way along with the other parameters required


So my question is, does anyone know if pc link will have the ability in the future to log straight from the widebands digital output? That meas there will be no voltage offset issues and no extra wiring that needs to be done on the ecu,  or alternatively have an expansion loom that plugs straight into most widebands serial outputs? 





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Thanks for your reply Adam. Alternatively it would be good if pc link would have the ability to log the widebands output through the computers serial port. Innovate supplies the serial cable with their wideband. I then use a serial to usb converter to plug it into my laptops usb port. I’m pretty sure other widebands are the same 


As mentioned earlier, in that case there would be no voltage offset issues or extra wiring that needs to be done on the ecu. It’ll just be plug and play, saving a lot of time






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