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Speed activated launch control. S15 g4+


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I was out messing around with launch control in my s14 with the link s15 g4+ plug and play.

 I was trying to set it up in the 2D setting. For some reason I can only get it to work when the car is moving not completely stopped. 

I noticed that as soon as I'm not moving di 5 goes inactive and the border around the the speed display turns red. I assume that's the issue but can't figure out how to force it to stay active. It's like the the input shuts off as soon as the car is at 0 wheel speed. I've read that link wants you to use a none drive wheel speed input. But all I have is the sensor in the transmission.

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It sounds like you have the "activation control" set to DI5 which is your speed sensor.  There is no signal coming from a speed sensor when a car is not moving so that is why it turns off.  If you dont have a clutch switch or switch on the dash etc that you want to use to activate launch control then you should just set that activation control to "always on". 

For the non-driven wheel speed you just have to assign that in the speed sources menu.  Set both driven and non-driven to LR Wheel.


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