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v3/4 Plugin Hard cold start


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HI all 

I'm currently tuning a mates 1996 Subaru legacy with a v3/4 plug in and i cant get it to cold start correctly at all 

It will  take a long time to crank over for the  first start in the morning, after the first start it will start much better 

I have played around with all the cold start settings making both small and drastic changes to see what difference it makes, but none were observed 

I have also lowered the trigger voltage table from 0-1000 in order to maybe pick up sync quicker but also has not worked 

i will include the tune file and a starting log to view 

Any thoughts are appreciated and criticism to any other aspect of the tune is welcomed also 




Log 2019-01-21 7;23;24 am.llg

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It looks like it syncs almost instantly in the log so I would be concentrating more on fuel settings.  Comparing to our base map it has about twice as much pre-crank prime and crank enrichment than yours.  Most other stuff I looked at seems pretty typical.  So try the map below, I have just imported these two tables from the base map.

Bumpty20psiV4sti test.pclr

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With the stock settings it is much better,  but is still struggling to start like factory, it doesn't seem to jump into life like normal.

I was thinking of stepping up the starting step a bit, but really unsure how to figure out what the engine wants when it starts


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