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1UZFE wont start


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Hi everyone,

at the risk of sounded like an amateur, i can get my 1UZ non VVT to start after wiring every thing but the wideband (im a little confused on this too.)

i Have both crank and cam trigger signals when i crank the engine, when i go an ignition test i can hear both coils sparking individually and the same with the injectors.

i started with the base map on the pclink for the vvt engine and changed everything to match how i have wired it, mainly because i thought the fuel maps would basically be the same or at least close enough to get it running. 


I have a spark, albeit seemingly not the strongest, and i have plenty of fuel, maybe even too much as everytime i pull the plugs they are soaking.


ive done as much head scratching and double checking of the wiring and no idea where to turn now.


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