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2003 MINI Cooper S GTS race car


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Here is the tune file for my 2003 MINI Cooper S that I race in GTS with NASA (National Auto Sport Association) and BMW Club Racing.


It is a stock MINI engine with 50 thousands over 9.3 to 1 compression pistons.  Stock cam advanced 10 degrees on a Endyn big valve head.  The SC is running the stock pulley producing 10 psi of boost max.

It is a power to weight class so we attempt to get a flat HP curve, thus the unusually timing curve.

Questions / Suggestions welcome.  I am the tuner and still learning.


MINI 031 Dyno Graph.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback!

The dyno curves above give a 140 HP "average" using the GTS calculator.  I can make 148 HP "average" and still be in GTS1.  I have just fitted the KAVS JCW pulley in place of the stock size pulley.  This should get me to at least the 148 HP "average".  I'll know for sure by mid March.

What cam are you thinking about?  I was thinking about replacing the stock cam with Cat Cams  257 / 259 (street) cam.  This is supposed to add low and midrange power.

I was planning on restricting max HP via the E-throttle map.  You mentioned using a restrictor instead?

Thanks again!

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The MINI is now running in GTS2 with NASA & BMW.  I recently replaced the Eaton M45 with the TVS 900 running the 70 mm pulley.  I will shortly receive the 65 mm and 60 mm pulleys which I will use to get the car to the top of the GTS2 power/weight.


BMW MINI 031 100 Octane TVR900 850EV14 April 19 2019.pclr

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