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4age 20v + Atom

Alan SMR2u

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So those coils have built-in ignitors.  I havent used these coils before but the pic below found online.  Pin 1 is the trigger wire as explained above.  Pin 2 is ground which should ideally be connected to a clean point on the cylinder head (not manifold etc).  Pin 3 is +12V, this should come from a relay that switches on and off with the ignition switch.


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Thank You CJ! Will try it out hopefully all goes well

23 hours ago, Adamw said:

From a setup point of view about all you need to do is set the ignition mode to direct spark and enter suitable dwell times for your coils.

How do i know what dwell times for the coils?

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Heres what I ran on a recent K20a build. These times were half way between those transcribed from a hondata K20 base map (bit higher by maybe 0.5), which are usually pretty close to stock honda, and a chart that motec published on the denso part number(bit lower by 0.2 ish I think). TBH either set of numbers seemed to run well.


make sure to set spark edge to falling as well for these coils.

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