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first start partially

Frank B

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i have a link g4 with 210 lb injectors on an sti ver 6

the car have the COP conversion

if i test injectors and coils through link everything is connected fine

i calibrate the trigger

but it will start for 1 second and sputters

if i  test the injectors before starting it starts for 3 seconds and dies

can you help me set my starting map

i zero out all corrections  to try to simplify it but nothing

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It looks like just not enough fuel, you are only getting like a 0.4ms pulsewidth.  Mostly the fuel table doesnt have suitable numbers in it and the cranking enrichment is zero.

It looks like your battery is fairly low also, 11V before it cranks, dropping to 8.5V when cranking, this may not help with such large injectors.

Try the attached map, I have just fixed up some of those fuel settings.


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Is it any different with some throttle?  As a quick test if it is fuel related you can adjust the "engine capacity" setting up or down.  It is set at 2500cc now, try 3000 and 2000 just to see if it improves in either direction.

I notice the trigger offset is set to -20 which is a bit odd, have you checked base timing?

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