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Basemap needed to start modified R32 GTR


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I've just finished restoring a 1991 R32 GTR. I have some experience with Hondata, but I'm struggling to figure out the basic settings that I need in PCLink to simply get the motor started. I'd like to make sure everything is working properly before I bring it to a tuner.

I've tried to start the motor with the basemap included in the software, but it doesn't work. 

Older G4 ECU
ID2000 high-impedance injectors
Fuel pressure regulator set to 40psi
R35 coil packs (dwell time should not exceed 4.5? instructions attached)
92 octane gasoline

I have updated the firmware and calibrated the MAP and TPS.

If anybody could help with a modified basemap or making the correct settings in PCLink, I would appreciate it. If I can provide more information, let me know. 

Thank you very much in advance. 




Nissan GTS-GTR G4 Storm Plugin.pcl

Supertec Racing VR38 to RB Coil Adapter Kit Install Guide Rev.3.pdf

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The map you have attached should work.  About all you will need to change is the master fuel setting.  Most likely it will need to be down around 4ms, but I wouldnt have expected that would stop it from starting or at least attempting to start.  

Do you have a realistic RPM displayed in the software when you're cranking?

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Hi Adam,
Thanks for the reply. 

The RPM does not change when I'm cranking, neither in PCLink, nor on the car's tachometer. It seems that this tells you something...

I'm showing "Fault code 49: An temp 3 above error high value" but I think that's just the IAT sensor. 

I have also tried unplugging the camshaft position sensor to disable fuel and spark. Only when I disconnect the CPS do I see the error: "Fault code 26: An volt 6 error below low value." The car's dash doesn't show any oil pressure when I crank the starter for a few seconds, nor does the PCLink software show any oil pressure. 

Thanks again for the help.

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In your trigger settings,

Set engine type to RB26, set widest slot to 24deg, then set test ECCS sync to off (this must be done last).  Do a store, then crank it again and tell us if it now shows RPM.



All the other stuff is irrelevant for now.  The GTR doesnt have an oil pressure sensor connected to the ECU, the sensor is connected to the gauge in the dash only.  Your air temp sensor is connected to AN Temp 2, so turn AN Temp 3 off and put the below setings in AN Temp 2.  The AN Volt 6 error is because the oxygen sensor wont output voltage until it is warmed up.  We can change the fault setting so that doesnt report an error later.


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Hey, thanks! I followed your steps and updated those settings and was able to start the car! I can see RPM in PCLink and the car's tachometer.

It sounds terrible and runs only with the throttle open to 50%. It's also smoking a lot, but that's probably from oil that leaked past the pistons and into the head when I had the motor out of the car. The alternator is squeaking, so I'm going to replace it, and then see if the oil burns away. 

Also, I was able to verify oil pressure only after it started, not while cranking.


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