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Rally Car Dual Map setup + turbo restrictor


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Hey Guys,


Just brainstorming at the moment to help my friend best setup his G4+ Storm in his Evo5 rally car. He will be runnning BP98 as well as E85, but also with and without a turbo restrictor for various events.


Obviously will be running an ethanol content sensor, and DI inputs are plentiful. There will be 4 scenarios as I can see it:


BP98 + Turbo restrictor

BP98 + Unrestricted turbo

E85 + Turbo restrictor

E85 + Unrestricted turbo


I had originally invisioned setting up a DI for dual boost tables (restrictor fitted/not) and another DI for dual fuel tables (BP98/E85)


I can already see flaws in that proposal though, such as blending the fuel maps together on E85, and the possibility of wanting to alter ignition timing when the restrictor is fitted/unfitted.


Any thoughts and input as to how it should be best setup would be great.






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I think the fuel and ignition should be doable, the boost will need a bit more creativity.  The other option of course is to have two seperate tune files, one for the restricted engine one for no restrictor.  Since its a usually a bit of a job to remove/refit the restrictor, it is probably not a major extra step to spend another minute loading in the appropriate map...

For the fuel/ignition, I would decide what is going to be the most common configuration - restrictor or no restrictor.  I would then tune that configuration for both fuels using the normal flex fuel strategy (modelled, multifuel mode).  I would expect the restrictor should effect the VE by roughly the same proportion regardless of fuel.  So to handle this I would just enable the 4D fuel and ignition tables (perhaps with a "restrictor fitted" switch on dash) and use those to correct for the change in VE.  Of course you still have the 5D if you find there's some other variable at play.

For the boost, I think I would do two tables that are switched between by the restrictor switch - as usually with a restrictor engine you will pick up power if you lower boost after the choke point.   To take care of the flex I think I would put ethanol content on one axis of those tables.

Personally I reckon two separate tunes would be a whole lot easier.

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