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Vipec 44 flex fuel


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Hello guys i have a costumer with this "old" ecu that he needs to redo the engine wiring .. 


He is asking if the 44 can handle a Flex fuel sensor so it can run on different fuels .. 

Also where do i get the Software for this ecu ? 

The CAN is the same as the LINK ecu ? teh client want the New AIM dashes installed in his car ? will be supported by th Vipec?


Regards .

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The V series can use an ethanol content sensor but dont have true flex fuel capability.  Basically, it is done using 4D fuel & Ign overlay tables with ethanol content on one axis.  You can generally get it running pretty good during normal operating conditions but things like cold start and warm up enrichment etc will always be a bit of a compromise as it doesnt have the capability to change these compensations based on fuel composition.

As for the AIM dash, check that the ECU serial number is >10000, if it is then it has CAN and will work great.  If it is less than 10000 then it will need to come back to us to have a hardware modification to enable CAN (a free service) or you can use serial instead without the mod but that is a bit of a pain as you have to unplug the dash when tuning etc.

Tuning software is here (get VTS V4.10.2): https://www.vi-pec.com/software



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