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V44 Rotational Idle Setup


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Hi Guys,

New to the world of fast cars and tuning, slowly learning.

I've recently been learning about rotational idle on my built EJ207 in my 2000 WRX.

I had my tuner send me some basic set up values etc from a similar motor, which when copied does activate rotational idle. However when trying to move the car with this activated it will stall out regardless of revs once there is any sort of load on the motor.

I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing, or a way to have it deactivate after a certain throttle amount? I currently don't have my fuel maps set for A/L so I would want it to deactivate or pause the idle. I know the question will be raised, I currently don't have any switches wired in for L/C, C/I etc as this is an on going project which became my daily/fun car, I've attached a screen grab of my current settings for reference. 

Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Cheers!

RI Screengrab.PNG

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Typically you would adjust the throttle stop so that the throttle sits open by quite a bit, usually 10-20%.  Then set the "Cyclic idle low" setting about 1% above your idle throttle position. (so if you adjust the throttle stop so that TP sits at 14%, set the cyclic idle low to 15%).  Then set your Cyclic idle high setting about 5% above the low.  

These settings are explained in the help file.  The cyclic idle activates when throttle position goes below the "cyclic idle low, it de-activates when the throttle goes above the cyclic idle high.  You need some range between these two settings so that the cyclic idle fades out progressively to normal running as you press the pedal down.

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