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ls coils setup question


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hi i running a wasted spark setup at the moment with my g4 extreme and was wanting to know what would need to be changed to go individual coils its a 6 cylinder .Would this ignitor still work or did i need a new one and would there be a wiring schematic anywhere by chance for wiring the coils thanks ross


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I would find some intelligent coils that do not need an ignition amplifier (Less to go wrong and much tidier wiring) make a new subloom for coils using +12 from a nice new relay with a 15A fused feed from the battery and the coil of the relay ignition switched. Ground all the coils locally at the engine and run 6 new trigger wires from the ECU. You will switch the ignition mode to direct spark  (as long as you have enough triggering - crank and cam sensor) and set the correct spark edge and dwell settings.


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