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Boost solenoid dc2 type r


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Hey I'm currently sorting the wires of my 4 port boost solenoid to hook the solenoid up I've got a link g4+ plug and play civic 92 to 95  I have one wire going to the aux 8 of the expansion harness does anyone know if I can use any of the other expansion wires for a 12v switched source or where I can tap the other boost solenoid wire into and what colour the wire would be my car is a obd2 dc2 type r 96 spec (in using a conversion harness to run the ecu from obd2 to obd1) 

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On most 90's and 00's honda's the 12v ignition 1 feed for the injectors or coils is black/yellow or in some cases yellow/black. One colour is direct from the main relay and the other is from a coil relay or something. Either will work. If you look at your injectors (or COP's if you have them), it will be the colour wire that is the same on all of them (not the black one on the COP's, or I think brown/yellow was the other commonly used ground colour), and you can probably tap into this wire in the engine wiring loom at the end of the fuel rail where it wraps around the side of the engine and the feed to all injectors join together

Obviously test it with a multimeter before wiring into it. <1 ohm from your splice point to the hot pin on an injector/coil plug is probably a good test, as well as the obvious 12v from this wire to bare metal on the engine with key on.

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