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Honda pnp aux configurations


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Is the aux 5 position not reconfigurable?  Ive tried to set it up as an out put for the third wire for iac and then noticed you can only use aux 2 for that. I also tried to turn it into the CE light but that doesnt seem to work either. also is the aux 4 position reconfigurable. its the 92-95 pnp ecu.


***I found the answer at the bottom of the aux configuration tables. you cannot low side 5-8 aux channels

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On the Honda plug-in ECU Aux 5 & 6 have a special high-side driver onboard for the Vtec and intake solenoid.  If you want to drive a 3 wire idle valve that needs open/close signals then only aux 1 & 2 can be used for that type of valve.  Although is is a relatively simple circuit you can make to allow you to drive this type of valve from a single aux output.  

Im not sure what your question is about Aux 4.

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