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NGTT+ questions

Brad Foreman

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Hey guys 

just got a link g4+ plug in grey plug for rb25det for a customers car 

opened it up and noticed it doesn’t have an internal map sensor

if I get an external map sensor can I wire it to one of the factory wires without using an XS LOOM ?

also wiring the boost solenoid 

can I feed the solenoid a fused 12v and the other wire to the factory loom to the factory boost solenoid wire ?


any help appreciated 

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Info from the manual below.  There is a factory fitted "MAP" sensor that Nissan call turbo pressure sensor, however it is capable of reading vacuum so can be used as a MAP.  This will do you fine provided you are not going to run more than about 18psi.  You just need to move the hose to the manifold.   Otherwise you can just replace that sensor with a bigger one, using the same wiring, or wire a new one via the airflow meter wiring or expansion loom.

For the boost solenoid you should be able to just connect it to the existing wires in place of the factory solenoid.


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