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Subaru anti lag/ launch control


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Hi guys.


I'm a bit new to this but I am trying to find out what parts etc are required for putting anti lag on my car. I have just built a fully forged 2l Subaru engine for hill climbing. It's at the tuners at the moment. Please could someone enlighten me.


Regards rich 

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There are many ways to achieve antilag.  But if its going to be used on the road you will really want an air bypass system that can be turned off so that you dont need cyclic idle on all the time, which makes drivability poor.  So this means either converting to Electronic throttle or fitting some sort of throttle kicker solenoid or air bypass solenoid.

Also since you will have no vacuum for the brake booster when antilag is on you will have to either fit non-vacuum assisted brakes or some sort of vacuum pump and reservoir.  

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