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Changing from Xtreme+ to Atom


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Hopefully simple question, I have a V2 WRX with an Xtreme+ and am planning on selling it and wanting to retain the ECU and change the car to an Atom prior to selling it. Is it a simple case of swapping them over and copying the tune over as well. Or is there compatibility issues between them?

Thanks for any advice!

95 WRX Racecar.pclr

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Can you attach the map from the Xtreme so we can see what it has connected.  The "A" loom is pretty much compatible but the Atom has much less inputs and outputs so we need to check if it will have enough to run the bare minimums you need.

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Yeah, it looks like you would get away with the Atom and it will be a fairly simple change over - you will need to shuffle a couple of wires around.  

For instance in the Xtreme you are using aux 1,2,3,4,5,&8,  The Atom only has Aux 1-4.  It looks like aux 1 is not doing much and you can probably forget about Aux 8.

For analog inputs your Xtreme file is using Volt 1, 3 & 4.  The Atom only has 1,2&3, so you will have to move the Lambda wire to Volt 2.


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