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Park/Neutral start interlock

Richard Hill

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I am configuring the touch start on a Thunder powered auto gearbox car.  I have set up the gearbox selector voltage levels so the ECU knows which gear it is in (I have tested each gear and it works great), Park and Neutral show correctly also.

However, when I set use Neutral/Park interlock to yes under starter control, the starter never engages!

Also, the Neutral/park status never goes to active even when I am in park or neutral AND the ECU knows that!


I have concluded that although the ECU knows it is in Park or Neutral, for some reason, the digital input for Park/Neutral has to be wired and active.  This is ridiculous as the ECU knows its in park or neutral. ( I can't wire the digital in directly to a P/N interlock switch as it is voltage level based)

So it would seem that my only option is to wire a spare aux out to a spare digital in and configure the aux out to be on when "is driving gear"=0 , so the ECU tells itself it is in Park or Neutral !


Maybe not classed as a bug, but certainly needs addressing in the next version of pclink surely.  If I turn off Neutral/Park interlock then it will start in gear which is definitely not desirable.

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