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GP rpm limit table max too low

UVic Formula Racing

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Hello again,

We are running a CBR600RR engine in Formula SAE.  We are intending to run a 16000rpm rev limit, and also use GP RPM limiters for other functions.  It seems that the RPM limit table accepts up to 20000rpm, but the GP rpm limit tables only accept up to 15000rpm.  Is it possible to raise that limit for the GP rpm limit tables to match what is possible in the specific RPM limit table?



Thank you!



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I will ask the engineers if this can be increased in a future release.  Something that you may be able to use as a workaround in the meantime is set the main RPM limit to 3D which gives you another variable to use and you can possibly also switch on the dual RPM limit table and switch between them using a virtual aux or some other logic.

If not turbo, you can often use the MAP limit table a bit like a GP limiter as well (set to 3D so you can change axes).  For instance when oil press is normal MAP limit is out of reach, when oil press is low, instigate a low MAP limit.

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