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Suzuki swift M16A VVT issue


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The cam is not moving in your log but the Inlet LH error counter is incrementing quickly.

Have you done the cam angle test to confirm the trig 2 VVT offset is set correctly?  Procedure below.  Use a test pulse count of 6.


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Yes, I did have a quick look.  When testing I had something odd going on that I couldnt understand either.  I had to set my trigger offset 360 different to yours to get the same cam angle test results, then my cam control was erratic like yours.  With my trigger offset set to 0 my VVT worked properly.  So Im not sure if that means the vvt mode is set up wrong or maybe some of these engines have teeth in different locations.  I havent had a chance to discuss with our engineering guys yet.

Can you try this map below, I have set up the user defined VVT mode.  It will only give 35deg max advance but if it works for you it will give me some good info to pass back to engineering to check where the problem is. 

User defined.pclr

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