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VL Link Injector Upgrade


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I just recently installed a link G4+ plug in in my VL and almost ready to fire it up. I have been watching the HPA videos on the link and its software and i am running into an issue with changing the master fuel on the base map supplied with the ecu. The standard master fuel setting 7ms, and I am assuming the master fuel and fuel table has been setup with the factory 260cc turbo injectors.


I have installed a set of bosch 630cc injectors which, going off the calculations form HPA, would give me a theoretical master fuel of around 2.82 or 3 to round up. The issue is the link wont let me enter a value of anything less than 4.


I realise i could probably make up for this difference in the fuel table, but it seems like the fuel table is already set quite low, with the high end of the fuel table being around a value of 60. I was under the impression that this value should be between 75 - 90.


Is there a step I am missing somewhere? I just want to get the fueling as close as i can to as stock so i can do more modifications later on and adjust the tune when required.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You are over thinking it - Just bump the master up or down until it runs the best.  

Our base map appears to be set up for quite large injectors already - probably bigger than 1000cc by the looks. I would expect a 600cc injector will want a master fuel more like 10-14ms. 

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