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G4+ Atom adding boost

James c

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Quick question,  I have a link g4 Atom (not the current black version but the one before) and I'm using a TPS and IAT sensor to run a zetec engine with jenvey itbs.  Its running sequential injection and waste spark.  

I'm toying with the idea of adding a turbo to the engine and have sorted out a custom plenum to work with the itbs,  while making the plenum I was thinking about adding provisions in the plenum for a MAP sensor and then started to wonder is the Atom capable of using both TPS and MAP at the same time, plus IAT?

By adding the MAP to the plenum I don't need to try make a vacuum block etc as pressure will be constant across all ports.  

I see Link supply a MAP that has IAT incorporated.  Would this be the best idea or keep them separate?

Is there any other sensors I should be considering when adding a turbo?  Boost control?  Best type of MAP for my application?


Any help would be much appreciated.


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Yes that will work fine.  As far as I know we dont sell a combined MAP/IAT although some Link dealers may offer one.  In performance applications the best position for a MAP sensor is not always the best position for an IAT sensor so I would probably lean towards keeping them separate.

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After looking at this further it appears I will have to use a vacuum block and tap into each intake runner after the throttle butterfly's in order to get a vacuum signal.  I guess that's one downside of using individual throttle bodies instead of one throttle body. 

Does anybody have experience with this?  Is the vacuum signal created the same or weaker?

Is there any other potential problems I might come across, Tuning difficulties etc.?

All other parts that require a vacuum will also have to go to the vacuum block like wastegate,  bov etc.




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