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fuel axis setup


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what would be the best axis setup for a turbo engine the engine in question is a cosworth yb with more agressive inlet and exhaust cams and a lager volume inlet manifold. ive curently got the y axis set to map but at idle its not very happy and im having to put strange numbers in the fuel cells jut below idle it will idle fine but if you rev the engine when it returns down it goes past set idle point nearly cuts out and the fuel numbers in that area have to be double the  idle numbers to prevent it going lean. would setting the y axis to mgp or tps be a better option thanks

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before changing anything i would look at the idle control setup and idle functions. the online help covers how to set up "closed loop" idle control, do this first and then when its stable check out open loop idle control.

from memory on a turbo engine, map is the recommended axis (again check the help online in VTS or link software)

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the base idle is set to around 975 to 1000 idle valve at the moment is only activated when the engine is cold up to I think 70  which works fine. the problem is when it's at idle if you blip the throttle it returns past the base idle dips to around 6 or 700 rpm then return back to base idle.

switching to closed loop idle control might help this but would that just be masking the problem

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