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G4 Storm CANBus, what the F is frame 14?


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Through my own stupidity, (and lack of 16 fingers) I used the wrong trigger to complete a stream of Link CAN (Generic Dash) data for my radio telemetry program. On triggering a completed set using the last frame as "d" (14), from the correct Link CANID I got an intermittent completion of the link data set (and sent via radio). On further investigation I've noted that it's only sending frame 14 once randomly every 5-10 or so seconds. 

This frame does not appear on the Generic Dash CAN Data Format. The 7 remaining words (including the 6 that are relevant) are all "00"'s

Wondered if it was important, or if it had any data that I should be displaying either locally(dash) or remotely (transport truck). 

Cheers, Daniel. 

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G4 Storm, old case, updated for CAN. Generic Dash stream at 20Hz. 
Only CAN sniffer I have is the PiCAN 2 shield on my Pi 3. 

Three, frame 14 (0d) interspersed through  my log...

I've used both C and Python libraries. Given it's a correctly formatted CAN message I doubt it's generated by by PiCAN2 board. 

I guess I could drop the entire frame given it contains nothing? (don't want to send rubbish over radio). 


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