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Needet Parts for a BNR34 ECU Swap


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Hi @ll

I'm looking forward to build a new Engine for my BNR34 and in its summary i whana switch the Nismo ECU to a Link G4+. 
Now i'm looking for some advise about the needet Components for this Swap.

I whan to run the RB26dett with mapsensor and the Ecus Boost controller so i dont have to take a look on different things. Ethanol (E85) would also be Sexy,  a aditional Knocksensor and Wideband would be nice to run the engine safe as possible. 

Bout the engine: Rb26 with forged internals Tomei Poncams and 888cc injectors, Radium Fuelrail and Deatschwerks300 Pump, HKS GtSS Turbos and a HKS Bigcore Cooler.

Can some one help me out bout the needet stuff. 

Thanks a lot

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Our GTR plug-in ECU has a 4 bar MAP sensor built in and it will use the two factory fitted knock sensors so nothing extra required for those. 

For boost control you will be best to upgrade to a MAC valve type (Link sell one), this just gets wired to the factory boost solenoid wires so no extra wiring items required for that.   

My suggestion for wideband is our CAN Lambda, you will also need the CANPCB cable and CANF plug to connect this to the ECU.

If you want flex fuel you will need an Ethanol content sensor (Link sell one), this can be wired direct to DI8 on the main header.

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