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ViPEC V88 Topboard - 04 WRX STI USDM - Cruise Control Setup

Robel Jungle

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I have an 04 USDM STi with ViPEC V88.

Previous owner had mapped the cruise control lever commands to Launch control and Antilag.

I want to bring cruise control functionality back.

Can I do that with V88?

If yes, how?

I'm using software VTS V4.10.2.1784 (24-06-14)

I could not find proper explanation of how to setup cruise control in the software's help.

I do notice in the runtime window that Cruise Switch Mode is registering entries when I flick the lever to different positions.

Depending on how I push the lever, it registers values: SET, RESUME or CANCEL

At the same time I can see that whenever I push the lever, the following turn to ACTIVE in the runtime window:

  • Subaru Cruise SwA
  • Subaru Cruise SwB

But also in runtime window, Cruise Switch is always OFF and the CRUISE light on my dashboard does not turn on.

Can anybody help?




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