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bench test ICV


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Is there a way I can bench test the ICV without the engine running?  

I'm having a very difficult time getting idle control to work with DC values going from 10-90 with no impact on RPMs.    I'd like to be able to un-plumb the ICV and see where the flapper is with each DC% so I know what number correlates to full open and full closed.  I'm now questioning if the ICV is even working or if I have a vacuum leak.

It has a high idle when warm ~300 rpms higher than I'd like,  otherwise it runs/idles great.

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with the engine off but key on, look at the current coolant temp, ensure idle control is open loop, then change the idle base table value for your current ECT. The valve should move to the requested position.

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Engine needs to be running for the valve to work (otherwise people would get annoyed with the noise).  If you want to do a test various positions with engine off you would set the aux output to GP PWM, give it a condition to activate it such as "RPM <1000", then put whatever DC you want in the GP PWM table.

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