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  1. Well, here are my questions Fuel Table - Should i decrease fuel after the RPM limit, example 6900 RPM limit, Im decreasing fuel to around 10% from 6500 to 7500 so i can easy load on the engine on Cut oFF, Is this right ? Ignition Table - Im using a custom Ignition Coils and Spark Plugs, Should i Decrease the dwell time to get a faster ignition ? Can i tune my fuel table to get 100% at the end of the MAP, im at 73.5 right now Thanks appreciated
  2. As far as i know 186 KPA = 1.86 Bar Equivalent to 26.977 PSI What im missing? cheers
  3. Hey, Appreciated Ok the dyno fuel map and ignition is attached ( different Map ) But it was all about speed and not drift setup It was great but u feel the car having a lot of power and not hitting limit like drift tuning should Attached is the original Dyno 1st Tune. Further i use Honda NSX 750 Bosch Injectors Toyota Supra with VVTI or Non VVTI 2JZ-GTE Engine Lexus GS300/ Toyota Aristo V300 with 2JZ-GTE Engine Injector specs: Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI (300 KPa) 750cc/min Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms / High Impedance / Saturated Cone Spray Angle - single spray cone. Approximate cone angle for 90% of spray volume 11mm Inlet Diameter Factory fitted with Viton upper and lower o-rings. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You talked about the dwell time which is important i think no one touched it Further injectors BTDC is set to 400 is that right? Ignition advance is set to 45 BTDC ? Appreciate any help and advice, The Map Limit was set earlier to 40 PSI will fix that up But im feeling there is a misfire somewhere Appreciated Guys 2jzglobe.pclr
  4. Hello Guys, Im new to the Forum I got couple questions for the PRO's In this room > I have a 2JZ VVTI Customized Engine ( A to Z ) 3.4 L I have 2 MAPS im going to attach, Both are working perfect, Lucky for the 2jz vvti Car owners, They can use my map's ( Im Not responsible about any damage to you car ) Ok I tuned my car in 2 different Engineers And im not sure which one is right, both tuned the car Ignition and fuel table, I need to make sure the value's Of the Ignition and fuel are correct. I have the following setup 750 cc Bosh Injectors with 4 Bar Fuel Pressure Single Turbo dual bearing set at 1.8 BAR starts @ 2500 RPM Using 98 Octane Fuel Off course the biggest intercooler , AKS dump valve , External WAsteGate, MONSON ECU Appreciate Your thoughts and advice the car is running great but not perfect, i know there is something wrong with the ignition and fuel Holding the car power back, i know i can get much more power Of such engine I set my AFR to 13.7 2jz-1.pclr 2jz-1-extreme.pclr
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