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  1. Your clutch is slipping? I had this in Impreza, first it did it only when boost was kicking in
  2. Babych44

    Modelled fuel

    Yes the fuel pressure is same 3 bar
  3. Babych44

    Modelled fuel

    I´m changing from traditional to modelled fuel and have new (used) injectors. Injectors are Imprezas yellow sidefeeds and they are rated at 440cc, but I had them tested and were about 500cc at 3bar. Should I put 440cc or 500cc to "injector flow" I want "instant fuel consumption" to show correct value. Also are the dead times same than grey "380cc" injectors? Car is Impreza GT 1998 v3-4
  4. I have new injectors and was thinking going from traditional to modelled fuel. Is this possible even if I dont have fuel temp and pressure sensors? Car is Impreza gt 1998
  5. I changed it to Lambda 1 and now it works! Thanks Adamw again
  6. I will try that, thank you Strange that in pc log it shows ok with "AFR Avg". Can you say something to my other topic too?
  7. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1STunDmzHzyfWuSaVQhk0_neQRsQC8pFd Hopefully this works, never tried sharing in drive before
  8. Usually I use PC log, but few times have downloaded ECU log and both times it shows AFR Avg completely wrong, this time I used 100hz for AFR Avg but it was same with 50hz. On PC log everything is alright Tried to upload file, but its too big here, grrr..Link G4+ and Impreza v3-4 if that matters
  9. As a road tuner, it would be nice if you could filter time perioid after transients too. Example after Accel fuel is back to 0, you could filter say 0.2 to 0.5 seconds after that away, same with tps and others. I know steady state tuning is what is recommended but trying that in road tuning and in traffic is dangerous
  10. Babych44

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    What about classic Imprezas? Are those all narrowband 6khz? Mine is 1998 gt if that matters
  11. Started working when I put pullup resistor ON on digital input 1 settings, it was OFF by default..How novice could know..
  12. Speedo works ok, dont know about wirings, car is almost stock 1998 -GT
  13. No.. Looking at runtime values or anywhere, no speed at all. In runtime values on "digital input pins" it shows "off" on LF Wheel speed, what does this mean?
  14. Yes, plug-in ECU. WRX-STI, ver 3-4 ecu. Speedo works fine, D1 set to LF Wheel speed, pullup resistor=off, on Speed sources both driven and non driven is LF Wheel speed. Should I wire extra wire from gearbox speed sensor to ecu like "cj" suggested?
  15. Car is 1998 Impreza GT, tell stupid what I have to put to settings that shows me wheel speed? Or is it even possibly with this car? Would need it for closed loop idle, and also for gear showing. Sorry my bad english, try to understand
  16. Has anyone got deadtime tables for Impreza original grey sidefeed injectors (380cc?) Car is 1998 GT. Or are these correct whats ready on Link G4+ Wrx/Sti v3-4 board? 6v=3.2 7v=2.5 8v=1.9 9v=1.5 10v=1.25 11v=1.077 12v=0.939 13v=0.836 14v=0.747 15v=0.6
  17. Thanks Adam for quick answer, that helps a lot
  18. Is 14 rows for x axis and 10 rows for y axis really the largest you can put? Or am I missing something here..if you put rpm 0, 750,1000, 1500,2000,2500 etc and want to continue that way to 7000 or 7500 youre out of space?
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