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  1. I'd check the TPS as its fluctuating quite a bit.
  2. remski2

    EZ30R tuning

    I'd say 14.5 Max You should have a regulator build in....
  3. remski2

    EZ30R tuning

    Your battery volage ranges between 15-16V.. thats a tad too high... I'd start there first.
  4. With EJ257 are you sure your Trigger Mode is setup correctly ? It shows JDM v7-10 EJ's have a Reluctor for Trigger1 and Optical/Hall for Trigger2 Btw... I see trigger errors in your log.. Why CDI over the factory coils that come with Ej257 ? Oil pump from what I remember is 11mm. My oil pressure at idle when hot is ~34psi
  5. remski2


    You have it rpm limit 3 times in your logs.
  6. I start with 1400 cold and taper off to ~1100. 2nd reason to run ~1100 is to keep my oil pressure up when hot. Are you running ej25 series block ?
  7. Seems like the shop has no clue how the AVCS works. AVCS should not run during idle.. no point in it.. it just robs your engine of oil. I run my AVCS GSC2 cams at 1100 as this seems to be the smmothest. AVCS cams or not.. doesnt matter as you could run your AVCS cams and never turn on the AVCS solenoids. Have you done a boost leak test ?
  8. Hi. Try chaning the "Spark Edge" to Falling. Next check your injector Min Effective Pulse Width... seems kind of high. Also I see you have staged injection running.. just making sure that this is what you have.. running 8 injectors.. Not that of a common thing in a Subaru. You seem to be idling very lean.. 16-18AFR.. that might be a part of your problem as well.
  9. I would assume it can but .. It speaks CAN.. but I dont have first hand experience with AIM Pdms.
  10. remski2


    Not sure you understood.. but from what I see in your logs the problem lies in you either hitting rpm limit or hitting speed limit. Your Voltage is weird at times for sure.. I think the ecu works fine down to 8V. But your voltage is high .. not low.
  11. remski2


    Hi. Log3 From what I see you are hitting a rpm limit (fuel cut) thus going lean around 7K rpm. First instance you going lean around 6600, log shows you are still on the throttle. (could be the way its logged) Next I've noticed your voltage drops from 14.5 down to 13.8.. Not terrible but odd. (pulley slipping perhaps ?) Log4 You are hitting 15.7V during idle.. Thats a bit too high. You hitting fuel cut for some reason.. First cut is due to rpm limit which you seem to hit quite often. But I cant tell why the 2nd cut is kicking in...
  12. remski2


    Post your map and logs here..
  13. Hi. I dont have the scaling for temp but that should be pretty easy. Seems like both fuel and oil pressure sensors are the same. Here is the scaling that I made. Assumption here is that the sensor is linear. (forgot to mention that from what I've read, ecu and defi control unit need to be connected to the same groud point)
  14. Hi. Have you checked for cracks before and around your 02 housing ? You dont log knock .. but if you leaning out you'd possibly be getting some knock.. if you dont.. I suspect a crack somewhere in the exhaust is sucking oxygen and skewing the reading.. all while fueling is correct. One thing that I noted is your wastegate is acting funky.. While your boost targets are way off to your boost (thus the oscilations) you wg seems to behave very different in almost identical scenario. Remski
  15. Did you search by the coil part number thats on the coil itself ?
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