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  1. Hi @MGV101, I've been reading your thread with alot of interest. I am currently using the 3SGTE ST246 (Gen5) engine into my MR2. This engine originally comes with COP setup. In that case it is as similar with your issue. So what exactly your solution? What did u do to makes the A/C runs same as stock?
  2. Any updates on this? Did u manage to solve the issue?
  3. Why would you recommend engine running time instead of MGP, MAP or TP? Is it better if we take into consideration when the car moves?
  4. Solace

    Zeitronix WideBand

    Thank you. Yes you r right. Problem solve!
  5. I'm also facing the same problem and confuse. As the theory state the hotter the air the less dense it is. I am using Toyota MR2 with 3SGTE ST246 engine. Being a mid engine car, this is car is known for it heat soak. My IAT sensor is place between the intercooler and the throttle body. The car runs well in a normal temperature (AFR of around 14-14.7). My location has an average ambient temperature of 35 degree Celsius. However, during hot restart in a hot day, the the AFR reaches 16-16.8. In that time the IAT can reach up to 55-60 degree Celsius at idling. when the car starts to move the IAT will drop and once AFR reaches 14.7 the engine runs smooth. Therefore i need to increase the fuel in the IAT correction table.
  6. Solace

    Zeitronix WideBand

    Dear @Simon, Sorry i am actually quite new and still learning. So just to be clear.. 1) How to know that my unit run full scale? 2) Attached below is my wideband configuration table. . - And also i attached the calibration table provide in Link G4+ help manual. 3) So based on my configuration table with reference to the table provide by Link G4+ manual, the low value here refer to 'Low Voltage' or 'Low Lambda'? In my configuration table, i register AnV4 Error Low = 0.05 and AnV4 Error Value = 0.000lambda..Which should i corect it?
  7. Solace

    Zeitronix WideBand

    i have one of those..Zeitronix ZT2. Is there away from me to recalibrate it? because i receive ECU Fault Code 20: An Volt 4 below Error Low value which refer to my wideband sensor
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