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  1. So we will continue with the studies. Engine is extremely well behaving, it has never leaked any oil or lost it, when you change the oil you could just put it back in the can where it came and the amount would be exactly the same as when you bought the can from store. Same thing with every other liquid. Power steering pump is the only exception it is sweating oil just a bit from the top. But even this, you have to drive for weeks before you notice a wet spot in there. Weird noises, not that I have noticed. It purrs like a cat and it runs with a very steady sound. Of course it does differ a bit from the original one since I have no balance shafts in the engine. They were removed when the engine was remade. This helps with the oil pressure which is very good compared to other evos I've ran into. When it comes to evos, they tend to have quite a poor pressure. We have to check the zero point this weekend and also the timing belt. Dyno guy thought that it sounds like it could be wrong by one teeth. Thank you very much for the ideas and help cj, you are amazing! If you come up with anything else, please let me know. I will study a bit more this weekend and report back.
  2. Thank you very much for your informative answer again cj! 1)TPS has been calibrated for about a hundred times, It stays in 0,0% for some time and then it just pops back to 1,2% - 1,5%. I'm currently waiting for a new sensor, since it seems that this one is not working correctly. With this drive on a public road I did not floor the car since it does really move and I don't want to get a speeding ticket . 2)This is exactly what we wondered in the dyno, how is that possible? We also took a look in another evos maps and the values were way lower than mine. You could've still rolled those ignition values up and more kW just kept coming, and the engine ran without knocking. 3)We had a completely separate knock detection in the dyno and because of that I think it was disabled from ECU, but I think that I'll set it back up again. 4) I have a completely separate cooling system that I need to turn on by hand which I do before entering a track or while driving in a city (since over the years some idiot has destroyed the original wiring regarding cooling). It is a problem with evos that they get crazy hot while standing still or idling. In the dyno the cooling was on and we also had a couple of separate fans blowing cold air to the engine bay and temperature was not the problem. Crank Pulley is 2 part, and I'm aware of this issue so I replaced it a couple months ago before the old one gives any problems. New one has been driven about 2000 km. The former owner of the car also had the whole engine redone about 100k kilometers ago. So now we are quite clueless what to do. Should I just drive on happily to the sunset with my high ignition values since the car seems to be working fine?
  3. Hello again, The logfile was too big to paste in here, so you can download it from Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TJSfqdNN5LL8gKQ2aoYl9gBdwAzSy-7j I had no idea how long file you needed, so I recorded about an hour ride. At first there is just driving in a roadway and at the end in a city. StevieTurbo, as I said in the start of the thread, timing was checked. First thing we did when I entered the dyno was to check the timing with a timing lamp. It was fine. Should've we checked something else?
  4. Hi, Unfortunately I have no log right now, but I will definitely take one today while driving. Timing angle was checked and it showed 2° off which shouldn't affect anything. Thank you very much for this quess and a good explanation cj! And Stevieturbo, he meant that the values are very high, and we couldn't figure out why does he have to put on so high values. We surely did calibration for TPS, Wideband etc. But these timing values, we just didn't find the correct trims. We surely tried. I'll provide a log file today.
  5. Here is the whole map saved from PCLink. For myself tuning is a bit of a mystery but I promised to the tuner that I would ask about this amwtuned.pclr
  6. Hi! I just installed the EvoLink in my Evo 3. Car is basically stock, fuel pump is a bit bigger (Walbro 255). I took it to dyno for tuning, and tuner said that the ignition values in the table are going crazy high and make no sense. We made sure that the ignition timing is fine. We were able to take the values higher and higher and more kW just kept coming, but then we just ran out of courage to put higher values in there and left it in 274 horsepowers, which is basically stock. Are these normal ignition values in Link? Is this somekind of feature in Link or did we miss a table or something? Any information would be highly appreciated, I also have the whole map if needed.
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