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  1. Hello everyone Check the vacuum line and pressure on the fuel pressure regulator. Check the master fuel control on the fuel table, see if it is not small. And lastly if you changed the fuel pump, check the voltage drop on the supply wires, especially the tank cover for the wires inside the pump tank. Sorry for my English. Augusto.
  2. This will not work DI will only feel ground all the time. The Adamw scheme and the correct one. augusto
  3. augusto


    Hello I want to put an ecu plug in an evolution 10, with a five-speed manual gearbox. Someone has tried this services. Augusto.
  4. augusto

    Supply Voltage

    Hello What is the lowest power supply voltage for the ECU to work? Augusto.
  5. augusto

    Evo 6 G4+ ecu

    Hello Check in the auxiliary menu output, at the end of it, after shift light, check the temperatures that are programmed to switch on the electric fans. Augusto.
  6. augusto

    VR4 duel fan wiring

    Use the help output wiring relay and output fan configuration.
  7. Use this circuit connected to the auxiliary output of the rev counter. This relayed circuit will generate a high voltage to make the revs turn. Sorry my poor english Augusto
  8. augusto

    Wiring diagram sample

    I'm not in my business. Monday 21st I'll see if I have more schematics follows two of vipec. Augusto EVOLUTION_DIAGRAM (2) (1).pdf pdf_vectra_esquema_eletrico.pdf
  9. augusto


    Hello How do I open trigger scope log that is placed in the forum. Augusto
  10. Hello Use an auxiliary output, configured for tachometer. This output will energize the relay coil. Then you take the signal for the tachometer. Augusto
  11. Hello I think this is the simple solution for your tachometer to work. Augusto. http://www.haltech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Relay-Wiring-for-Tacho-Output1.pdf
  12. Hi The 30 a 60 Hz. Augusto.
  13. augusto


    Hello Thank you very much, and that's what I'm complaining about. I'm going to go back the old firmware and then give a feedback to this forum. Augusto
  14. augusto


    Hello The car is an EVO 9 with mivec, and ecu plug and play G4 without electronic throtte and worked properly before the upgrade was done. After performing the update, when the car is switched off the stepper motor starts beating non-stop during the ECU HOLD POWER period. That way when I reconnect the engine the same works with the idle at around 3200 to 3500 rpms. After some time or if I turn the car on and off again the idle is normal around 950 rpms. Someone has noticed this malfunction of the IAC (stepper motor) o.e.m. Can I go back to the old G4 + Firmware Version - 08/15/2018 Thank you in advance. Would you like to comment : In the G4 forum on the topic, When electric fans kicked off on rpm drops, I made some comments in an attempt to help. Nobody answers anything else and also you do not know if you helped or not, I think it's important that I think a return ????? sorry about my English Augusto.
  15. If the engine uses command 272 or higher this can happen due to lack of motor torque at low speed. Any ideas for you to try? 1- Try to turn on an electroventilator at 90 degrees and the other at 95 degrees centigrade. 2- Leave the mixture at idle slightly richer environment of 13.5 afr. 3- Check the ignition idle map if you can give more torque to the engine. 4- there is a correction table of the iac, for startup of the electric fan, there goes an old complaint mine if the electric fan goes on 90 degrees because at 89 degrees and iac no longer starts the correction. I hope I have helped for a long time because of this problem and here in Brazil, only those who play with vipec are me. I'm sorry for my english. Augusto
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