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  1. augusto

    Misfire at 5500 rpm and 250 kpa

    Hello I had such a block on a 2.4 motor, with the oscilloscope I checked the waveform of the crank sensor. This waveform was deformed at around 5000 rpm and there was no error in the ECU. I replaced the harmonica pulley with another and defect disappeared. I think this is caused by vibration on the crankshaft of these 2.4L engines. Augusto.
  2. augusto


    Hi temperature of my country is around 35 degrees Celsius. for this reason I use the table of 30 40 degrees at zero (without correction) follows the map I'm using. injectors id 1300 x2 - fuel pressure 4.5 bar. EVO JONE EXP 55 NEW DWELL E NEW INJECTOR.pclr
  3. augusto


    Hi I'm outside the company today, Monday only. I am initially using the map that accompanies the ECU (configuration - Link default Mitsubishi EVO 9 base map.) I only enabled the IAT Fuel Trim Table, using the values in the table. Augusto
  4. augusto


    This table is working with the values exchanged if the temperature of the air rises and places in the table negative values should reduce the injected fuel, however it happens to the contrary increases the amount of fuel and it inrequece the mixture. This should not occur, the second explanation in the help, and in the table that if attached to the ECU plugin unit for the EVO 9 G4 Xtreme Plugin. This function allows fueling correction to compensate for changes in inlet air temperature. Because hotter air is less dense, the air temperature increases there will be less oxygen available to burn in the combustion chambers. Without IAT correction an engine will run richer on a hotter day and leaner on a cooler day. While this is desirable to some extent, the change is typically more than what is required. Is there any explanation for this event? Thank you, excuse my English. Augusto.
  5. augusto

    mixture map vs autotune; road tuning only

    Hello I do not have dyno 4X4, closer to my workshop, there is a road that is at sea level. And it has a straight line about 8 miles long. That way I logging in these settings. Engine speed Tps main MGP Afr / Lambda Target Lambda meter - analogic input Fuel table Ign table Inj duty cicle ECT IAT CL Lambda - in off state Waste gate DC I do this in several different loads: - 50 MGP 0 MGP 50 MGP 100 MGP 150 MGP 200 MGP I analyze the log and I am correcting the fuel table one at a time, for example I did the 0 MGP line, I will increase the load to 100 MGP. Done that I interpolated the line of 50 MGP, and make a new log now tried to keep the target at 50 MGP. That way I make a very precise fuel table. After all, I'll call CL Lambda and find a variation of plus or minus 3% at the maximum - 3%. Give a little more work already tuned in several EVOLUTION 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9. Hope this helps. I'm sorry for my english. Augusto.
  6. augusto

    Auxiliary Outputs

    Hello I marked the entry DI 7 as GP input that was my mistake, not IC SPRAY. So the IC SPRAY menu, spray period, spray duty cycle, water spray mode, did not work on AUX INJ 7. Sorry for my mistake Augusto.
  7. augusto

    Auxiliary Outputs

    Hello Aux 10 controlled by Aux 9 worked perfect. Aux 9 controlled by Aux 4 does not work. Augusto
  8. augusto

    Auxiliary Outputs

    Hello Using aux inj 7 to control IC SPRAY, I can not use the functions inside the control aux menu of the SPARY IC - spray period, spray duty cycle, water spray mode, ... Where is this information in the manual that follows the ECU. Sorry my poor english. Augusto.
  9. augusto

    Auxiliary Outputs

    Hello PCB REV-V1.7 serial 36930 Mitsubishi Evo IX plug ana play without Throttle Link ECU software does not exist AUX 10. I need two auxiliary outputs - shift light - auto water splay intercooler. How to proceed Thank you Augusto
  10. augusto

    Key on sweep/ key on tacho

    Hi The key on sweep speedo work? Augusto
  11. augusto

    Key on sweep/ key on tacho

    Evo9 Ecu plugin, pcb rev V17 serial 36930 It does not work the system of key on sweep speedo or key on sweep tacho. Even when set in the menu. But the tacho meter works and speedo meter. Augusto
  12. augusto

    iat sensor

    It was a diode.
  13. augusto

    Base idle set screw Evo

    Sorry, I put the wrong direction. Augusto.
  14. augusto

    Base idle set screw Evo

    Hello In the ISC BASE POSITION table (% DC or Steps) put the lowest value possible. In the table IDLE RPM, put the lowest value possible. In this way, the idle motor is in the most closed position possible. Augusto
  15. augusto

    Base idle set screw Evo

    no Make sure the stepper motor is fully closed. Now adjust the bypass bolt. To achieve a stable and lower idle speed than that of use.