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  1. JonoP

    Slow reacting

    I have a HP 450 G5 (Intel i5 Gen 8, UHD 620 graphics, SSD, all USB 3.0 even though one port is USB 2) and it's slow. I have updated all drivers too. My day job is a IT professional so if you need me to have a look at anything please let me know. I haven't installed the older directx 9 yet. Will that help? Can you give me some details on the PCLink renderer?
  2. Dave, you are right on the money when it comes to sensor failures. Just to add my 2c I have a Ecotrons CAN Lambda with their supplied Bosch 4.9 Sensor installed in my GTR. It's about 2-3 years old and it is still running on the original sensor. It's mounted at about 2:30. Not ideal, but the best I could do. No issues though, so hopefully it lasts even longer. The Link CAN-LAmbda seem to be okay but I have two customers that are having sensors fail prematurely. One that I will be requesting warranty on shortly actually. Innovate..... I will never purchase another one of their products again.. LM2, MTX, etc, all rubbish. Controllers fail, Sensors die etc. I've got two dead LM2 controllers. Cost me $50 to freight them to the US, and they sent them back and said there was nothing wrong with them. Plugged them in and they failed. I agree 100% with you also regarding battery voltage dropping while they are plugged in - They die!
  3. Here is what I think will work better than my last post.
  4. JonoP

    XS Expansion Loom

    oh, and something that needs to be added to the documentation (The colours so we don't have to pull the lid off the ECU to see what they are) : (GTRLink) Green = Sensor Ground Red = Sensor Power Grey = DI5 Brown = DI6 White = Volt 8 Blue = Volt 2 Yellow = Temp3 Orange = Temp4
  5. Absolutely perfect Simon. Thanks so much. I was going to do an axis on battery voltage, and have it pull out duty as the battery voltage drooped. But your way is much better.
  6. Hey mate, I was just about to post this exact same topic. You can indeed run the fan via PWM and with a solid state relay. The hurdle that I am not sure about is if the PWM ramps on at a reasonable pace or just comes on hard. I really want to ramp it on slowly over 3 seconds or so. I hope Link can sort this out. Would be perfect for fuel pumps too.
  7. JonoP

    Knock feature

    I support this.
  8. JonoP

    2x Target AFR MAPS

    I agree with this. We have two now, but we can't switch the second one with our own conditions (like with a virtual auxiliary) I need to set a Virtual Auxiliary so that it switches to a leaner cruise AFR target map for 5th and 6th gear. I can't have the leaner sections in my normal AFR target map because it makes the car bog a lot and feel unresponsive when it is passing through these cells. (I run 1.22 Lambda for e85 to get good range)
  9. So glad I found this thread. I have the exact same sensor - The ECA-2. I got the little hackers screen for the Ethanol readout. I was not keen on connecting all of those inputs to the analogue inputs, so splice in and just use a digital input. Â Â
  10. Wow... thanks guys! I will check it out and see if I can get it working with those settings. Your support is fantastic.
  11. Sorry - in Australia. Sending the unit could be possible though.
  12. Is there anything that I can do? I have a new unit here, and wanted to connect it via the CAN Bus. Are you able to "guess" the settings with the information that I Have given you?
  13. I email ALM and they sent me this, which looks exactly like the data we need to configure the CAN bus. Maybe once sorted we can make a .lcs stream file? Â
  14. Hi, I have just purchased one of these ALM-CAN wideband units because it uses the newer, faster, and longer duty cycle Bosch sensor (4.9LSU) Here is a link to the Unit:Â http://www.ecotrons.com/products/wideband-controller-alm-can/ Here is a link to its manual containing the CAN BUS setup:Â http://www.ecotrons.com/files/ALM-CAN%20Manual.pdf It goes into great detail about all of the data bits etc. I don't even know where to start when configuring it though. Is it possible I get some help? Maybe configure a PCL file for me and post it so that I can copy the settings into mine? I hope I am not asking for too much. Thanks Â
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