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  1. Leiden

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    According to the manual the "VVT Offset" value should be set to the lowest cam angle displayed during the Cam Angle Test. You still have this value set to 720deg. In your case it should be 95.4deg. Edit: I have just noticed that you have DI1 and Trigger 2 both set as Inlet/LH. As far as I'm aware the Mazda engine only has the one CMP sensor, so this is probably going to give you issues as well.
  2. Upload your map, also how have you wired the coil pairs 1&6, 2&5, 3&4? As for the injectors firing with key off, make sure any ground sinked injector/aux outputs are only powered with the key in the ON position or you will have back feeding
  3. Leiden

    Trig1 error when VVT control on

    720deg ATDC is basically 0deg ATDC in the 4 stroke cycle, it doesn't seem right. Edit: I have had a look through a few other ecu configurations and noticed a couple of them use rising edge for trig 1 and trig 2 as opposed to a falling edge. I would have expected the intake cam centerline to be somewhere around 400-500deg, rather than 720deg.
  4. Leiden

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Can you upload the map file you used to make the most recent log
  5. Leiden

    Trig1 error when VVT control on

    Ahh that makes sense, if the stock ecu is still connected then that will be providing the pullup. Once thing I did notice is the offset is set to 720ATDC, have you tried the cam angle test to get the right value?
  6. Leiden

    Cold start excessive cranking

    I think you might be confusing Closed Loop Lambda and Open Loop Lambda. Closed Loop is based on feedback from the Oxygen Sensor whereas Open Loop Lambda works as an overall correction to the Fuel Table based on the Lambda Target Table.
  7. Leiden

    Cold start excessive cranking

    I found Traditional Fueling is a lot easier to get up and running, especially if you are new to tuning. I'd disable the Charge Temp Correction, your also using the Open Loop Lambda table which means there is some behind the scenes correction to your Fuel Table based on the AFR/Lambda Target Table so it might pay to read up on that to help you understand whats going on.
  8. Leiden

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Turn off Inlet Centerline Display, it should only be used if you know the exact inlet cam retard position in crankshaft degrees.
  9. Leiden

    Trig1 error when VVT control on

    Turn the pullup resistors on for trig 1 & trig 2. Also set the trigger edge's back to falling. Recalibrate the trigger offset and redo the cam angle test to get the offset value for trigger 2 vvt.
  10. Leiden

    Cold start excessive cranking

    Interesting that you are using Charge Temp Correction with Traditional Fuel Mode? I noticed the Fuel Table has an odd shape and very little range, normally the numbers should increase as load increases.
  11. Leiden

    RB26DETT R33 GTR Skyline

    The Nissan CAS can be a bit problematic and cause the timing to scatter, most recommend switching to a 24+1 trigger disc inside the CAS, I think the problem is worse if there is a bit of slop in the timing belt, or the o-ring on the CAS snout is worn or loose. Also I cant see any attachments, did you upload your map?
  12. Leiden

    G4+ fury closed loop boost control boost spike

    I've found when the wastegate boost source is located at the turbo outlet there can be spiking issues when trying to hold the wastegate closed until closer to the target, I moved the pressure source to just before the throttle body and this sorted the problem and made it easier to tune the wastegate numbers.
  13. Leiden

    3uzfe firing order in wasted spark

    No worries, I edited my post to make things a bit clearer but you've already got the idea
  14. Leiden

    3uzfe firing order in wasted spark

    Make sure the cylinder count is 8 and the correct firing order is set in software. Wire the injectors as CYL1 to INJ1, CYL2 to INJ2 etc, they will be correctly pulsed according to the Firing Order Table in Sequential mode. Wire the ignition outputs as you have mentioned, so 1&6 to IGN1, 5&8 to IGN2, 4&7 to IGN3, 3&2 to IGN 4. I'm pretty sure it ignores the Firing Order table for the ignition side of things when in Wasted Spark mode so the ECU simply runs through the IGN outputs 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4.
  15. Leiden

    Graph view disappeared from layout

    Also pressing Ctrl + T on a table brings up a memory access violation, not sure if this is related. The 3D rendered graph views look much better by the way