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  1. Thanks for the reply Adam, got it to work by modifying the inf file entries and turning off driver signing, I'll more than likely just stick to the supplied driver. I was having an issue where the Link software would be sluggish to respond for the first 10 to 20 seconds after connecting to the ECU. I only noticed this after 'upgrading' to Windows 10 from 7 however I just noticed it will do the same thing when opening a tune file offline so I think its just the crappy built in Intel HD Graphics having trouble with the OpenGL renderer? Seems to be okay if I open a tune while in table view rather than graph view. Also I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but if your in graph view and change one of the load axis's to 'None' the Link Software will crash. I assume this is because a 3D table graph is displayed with the OpenGL renderer whereas a 2D table isn't?
  2. Leiden

    Lean on load

    You could use the GP Rev Limit table with AFR Target on one axis and Lambda 1 on the other axis. You'd obviously want to have the Target Table filled out and have the Fuel Table close to where you want it, or on the rich side
  3. Are you getting an RPM signal during the no start condition? If the engine is using reluctor sensors for cam/crank check your arming voltage table, in some cases I've had to drop the 0rpm voltage to 0.2v to get the engine to sync, also check the polarity is correct
  4. I see the Link software ships with an older CP210x driver version The current release of the drivers is version Is it possible to use the updated driver or are there compatibility issues? I had a look through the INF files are it appears Link is using a slightly different Manufacturer & Device ID
  5. Leiden

    Heat soak

    A faster responding sensor will help but I've found the modelled fuel equation is quite aggressive when it comes to calculating air density based off IAT temperature, at least real world conditions don't seem to reflect the equation very well. At low load and idle you should be leaning towards Coolant Temperature in the Charge Temp Correction map, if your still having problems you can use the traditional IAT correction map to add a little bit of fuel back in when IAT's are high, helps with hot starts etc
  6. Turn hard limit on and pull more timing, I'd use something more reasonable for the control range, like 100rpm. Exit decay rate should be more like 20%
  7. Is the device coming up as "Link Engine Management USB ECU" with a COM port assigned to it? Is the driver version Also has the ECU been unlocked? I'm not sure if it also applies to the plug and play models but its worth checking out
  8. Leiden

    RB TPS Issues

    Remove the 'D' adapter from the shaft, drill a pilot hole and fit a pin so you can run a S2/Neo TPS, have done a few of these conversions now as the S1 TPS is a piece of garbage.
  9. Leiden

    Blown engine!

    I had a look through the tune and it isn't the best, your part throttle fueling is all over the place and acceleration enrichment is off as evident by large lean spots after throttle changes in the log, could have been transient knock hammering the pistons, are there scuffs in the bore at tdc?
  10. Sounds like you did it properly. I've checked both ways and find the loop wire can give off readings compared to running a lead from the coil to the plug
  11. Leiden

    cold start help

    Your Post Start Enrichment table looks like it hasn't been configured properly. This table is active right after Crank Enrichment decays and before the Warm Up Enrichment takes over.
  12. You could manually enter 15 or 20 in the timing table and see where the marks line up if you were curious. How did you measure the timing? Loop wire or ignition lead between the coil and plug
  13. Lock your timing at 0deg and adjust the trigger offset until your are reading on the TDC mark. That way you can be certain your on the right track rather than guessing what the painted marks might represent. Also adjust ignition delay so that when you hold the revs up the timing doesn't wander off the mark.
  14. I've found about 10 deg in the ignition retard gives a nice smooth transition in and out of fuel cut. The charge temp approximation table is a tricky one and it takes a bit of time to get it right. It will also have an effect on the fuel table so this really needs to be done on a dyno or road tested with AFR feedback. If its been tuned in Traditional fuel mode then you don't need to use it.
  15. Leiden

    Injector Timing

    You'd want to increase it since the VCT opens the intake valves earlier. So VCT off you'd have say 400deg, with VCT on you'd have 430-440ish. From memory it advances the cam about 20deg (40 crank deg)
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