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  1. Leiden

    RB26DETT R33 GTR Skyline

    The Nissan CAS can be a bit problematic and cause the timing to scatter, most recommend switching to a 24+1 trigger disc inside the CAS, I think the problem is worse if there is a bit of slop in the timing belt, or the o-ring on the CAS snout is worn or loose. Also I cant see any attachments, did you upload your map?
  2. Leiden

    G4+ fury closed loop boost control boost spike

    I've found when the wastegate boost source is located at the turbo outlet there can be spiking issues when trying to hold the wastegate closed until closer to the target, I moved the pressure source to just before the throttle body and this sorted the problem and made it easier to tune the wastegate numbers.
  3. Leiden

    3uzfe firing order in wasted spark

    No worries, I edited my post to make things a bit clearer but you've already got the idea
  4. Leiden

    3uzfe firing order in wasted spark

    Make sure the cylinder count is 8 and the correct firing order is set in software. Wire the injectors as CYL1 to INJ1, CYL2 to INJ2 etc, they will be correctly pulsed according to the Firing Order Table in Sequential mode. Wire the ignition outputs as you have mentioned, so 1&6 to IGN1, 5&8 to IGN2, 4&7 to IGN3, 3&2 to IGN 4. I'm pretty sure it ignores the Firing Order table for the ignition side of things when in Wasted Spark mode so the ECU simply runs through the IGN outputs 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4.
  5. Leiden

    Graph view disappeared from layout

    Also pressing Ctrl + T on a table brings up a memory access violation, not sure if this is related. The 3D rendered graph views look much better by the way
  6. Leiden

    Graph view disappeared from layout

    Something weird has happened when upgrading to the newest PCLink firmware, the 3D table view has vanished, I tired creating one using the Shift - I and Shift - F options but these create either fuel or ignition tables repectively. On the previous version I had my layout so there was a table view to the left, and a 3D view to the right, I loaded the default layout but when chosing between say ignition or fuel tables only the table that is highlighted (blue border) changes, before both views would change, Is there a possibility to get this feature back?
  7. Leiden

    6cyl Injector Grouping

    Thanks for the reply Simon, I dropped the threshold to 0.2% and things are working much nicer now! I'll give the semi sequential option a go, in that mode does the ECU just run in sequential mode but ignores the 4, 5, and 6 cylinder squirts because the available outputs are lacking?
  8. Leiden

    Dual fuel pump control

    The GP Output function I posted above waits 0.5s, primes the pump until the timer reaches 4s, the pump will run when the RPM is above 50 and will kill the fuel pump if the RPM falls below 50. Use that for your high pressure pump. You can adjust the timer depending on how long you want to wait before the prime and how long you want to prime for
  9. Leiden

    RB25DET Base Map

    You can try my RB30 map and tweak the Master fuel setting until you get something reasonable on your wideband, I'm pretty happy with the timing map so it should be a good starting point for you. As always use at your own risk, this is by no means a properly tuned map for your engine. You'll most probably want to reconfigure the aux outputs, temp and digital inputs etc to get everything you have set up RB30DET_Traditional.pclr
  10. Leiden

    Dual fuel pump control

    Could you just configure the Aux outputs as a GP Output, set 'SW Cond 1' to 'Timer 1 >' and then set the delay time? The downside to this is there is no prime unless you did some clever things with the conditions & timers, you could say have the HP pump activate after the timer reaches 0.5s, then deactivate when the timer reaches 4s (or however long you want to prime) then activate so long as the RPM is above 50, Cond(1 AND 2) OR 3 looks promising I played around and it looks like this might work, so long as the Timer 1 basically starts counting from the moment the ecu is powered.
  11. Leiden

    6cyl Injector Grouping

    Hi Simon, I am pretty sure the main fuel table is quite close to the target afr's, this was done on a hub dyno holding various loads since I couldnt get into those zones easily via road tuning, the only way I was able to eliminate or rather minimise the hesitation was richening the low load and cruise areas up to about 13.0:1, there is still a lean spike when the enrichment fails to activate but it isn't noticable as a hesitation. What are the other conditions that need to be met before enrichment activates? All I can think of is the Accel Load Correction table but this has 1.2 in the -60kpa zone and 0.9 in the -40kpa zone so if anything there should have been more enrichment when first coming on the throttle (-58kpa, 0.4 tps delta, 1.2 load correction) rather than later on (-44kpa, 0.3 tps delta, 0.9 load correction) Could this be because of the Accel Deadband? I have it set at 0.5%, there is virtually no noise in the TPS signal so do you think I should try lowering it to maybe 0.2%. Most if not all other tunes I have seen have the deadband from about 0.5 up to 1% Scott, would you be able to explain in a little more detail how exactly the fuel is injected in the 1 engine cycle multi-group mode, are the banks activated 360 degrees apart? So INJ1&3 -> 360deg -> INJ2&4 -> 360deg -> INJ1&3 -> 360deg -> INJ2&4 360deg, are these events timed in any way? I see the Injector Timing option still exists when in Multi-group mode, in my case its set to 390deg btdc, would that mean bank 1 activates when cylinder 1 is 390deg before tdc and bank 2 activates when cylinder 6 is 390deg before tdc or is this just ignored? I originally had the Link configured to run as a 3 cylinder 2 stroke which worked quite well until I upgraded the injectors and could no longer control the pulsewidths at idle, hence switching to group. Most people just tune and go but I try to understand how it all works
  12. Leiden

    6cyl Injector Grouping

    Thanks Scott, The injectors are about 13ohms each so the total current draw for 3 doesn't exceed 5amp. I currently have them grouped as 153, and 624 as you recommended but I'm having a little tip-in trouble that I initially thought was to do with the pairing, I took a log and a couple of screen shots of whats happening. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the TPS Delta, is this the ROC or 'Rate of change' referred to in the Acceleration enrichment section of the help file? The help doesnt seem to explain what it actually is, just mentions it here and there. What I'm finding is sometimes the ecu will add acceleration enrichment at say 0.3% TPS Delta, but other times wont? In the first screenshot it shows the TPS Delta at 0.4% with no enrichment, the 2nd one shows enrichment with only a TPS Delta of 0.3%, Am I just confusing myself about the TPS Delta or could there be another issue? RB30DET_Traditional.pclr
  13. Leiden

    6cyl Injector Grouping

    Im sorry if this has been covered before What is the correct way to group injectors for a 6 cylinder engine with a 153624 firing order running group injection. I have done a bit of research on the topic and it seems to be either: INJ1 to 135, INJ2 to 624 or INJ1 to 123, INJ2 to 456 If a possible explanation as to why each one is correct is possible that would be great, on early Bosch systems in BMW they grouped the injectors 123 & 456, later Bosch systems with a TDC reference grouped them 153 & 624. From what I can understand the ecu can sync up either at TDC #1, or TDC #6 with only a crank trigger, this would mean injection events could be 360 out of phase between one start and another
  14. Leiden

    Pre-Crank Prime & Charge Temp Approximation

    Thanks Simon, I tried the First Crank Enrichment with success, cant believe I overlooked this! As for the charge temp approximation map I've set it all the read off the IAT only and done the ECT correction on the normal table. I did a quick retune and the fuel table is looking alot smoother, just need to sort out the IAT sensor heat soaking. Its before the throttle body but I'm considering moving it to just after the intercooler in the bumper area, how do you think this will affect the tuning? I guess I could always use a little bias towards ECT on the charge table to make up for the distance from the valves Any thoughts?
  15. Leiden

    rb25det neo ecu pinout

    Remember that the pinouts are viewed looking into the ECU side of the connector, or the wiring side of the loom plug. In the photo above you are looking into the loom plug from the ecu side, and its also upside down. From memory all grey plug ecu's are interchangable. I have used a stagea ecu to run a Neo RB25DET R34 when the traction control system has been removed.