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  1. Leiden

    Blown engine!

    I had a look through the tune and it isn't the best, your part throttle fueling is all over the place and acceleration enrichment is off as evident by large lean spots after throttle changes in the log, could have been transient knock hammering the pistons, are there scuffs in the bore at tdc?
  2. Sounds like you did it properly. I've checked both ways and find the loop wire can give off readings compared to running a lead from the coil to the plug
  3. Leiden

    cold start help

    Your Post Start Enrichment table looks like it hasn't been configured properly. This table is active right after Crank Enrichment decays and before the Warm Up Enrichment takes over.
  4. You could manually enter 15 or 20 in the timing table and see where the marks line up if you were curious. How did you measure the timing? Loop wire or ignition lead between the coil and plug
  5. Lock your timing at 0deg and adjust the trigger offset until your are reading on the TDC mark. That way you can be certain your on the right track rather than guessing what the painted marks might represent. Also adjust ignition delay so that when you hold the revs up the timing doesn't wander off the mark.
  6. I've found about 10 deg in the ignition retard gives a nice smooth transition in and out of fuel cut. The charge temp approximation table is a tricky one and it takes a bit of time to get it right. It will also have an effect on the fuel table so this really needs to be done on a dyno or road tested with AFR feedback. If its been tuned in Traditional fuel mode then you don't need to use it.
  7. Leiden

    Injector Timing

    You'd want to increase it since the VCT opens the intake valves earlier. So VCT off you'd have say 400deg, with VCT on you'd have 430-440ish. From memory it advances the cam about 20deg (40 crank deg)
  8. The engine has a fairly low compression ratio (9:1) so I would think around 28-30deg at peak torque N/A. Its really a "how long is a piece of string" question as every engine is different and knock can be dependent on so many different factors. Guessing is really going to just get you into trouble, you really need some way to monitor knock and ideally a load bearing dyno to dial in MBT.
  9. Keep in mind that the basemap supplied with the ecu is really just there to get the vehicle started, set the trigger offsets, inputs, outputs and confirm things are working before getting it tuned.
  10. On my setup I wired the relay to switch off ignition, rather than controlled by the ecu. The relay normally switches two constant 12v feeds, one for coils and the other for ecu, cas, maf, and possibly a couple other sensors. Its possible you have a wiring issue or back feeding. With the Link all sensors, solenoids, injectors, coils etc should be on a switched 12v source, not a constant 12v feed.
  11. Leiden

    Warm Start Struggles

    If your main fuel tables load axis is set as TPS then it might otherwise under cranking conditions the engine will pull very little vacuum, so will be basically be reading off the 0 - 500rpm cells around 100kpa (0kpa mgp)
  12. Leiden

    Warm Start Struggles

    You can check to see if the injectors are leaking by running the pump with the fuel rail removed from the engine. Make sure the injectors are secured so they dont pop out. If you see fuel seepage around the outlets then you have a leakage issue. You could manually give the engine more air by holding the throttle at 10% while cranking, if that improves things then your on the right track
  13. Im using a Toshiba Portege running Windows 7. Great battery life and I've found Toshiba products to be a lot better than Compaq or HP models.
  14. Leiden

    Warm Start Struggles

    Im starting to wonder if you have leaky injectors, most fuel systems hold pressure in the rail for a few minutes after shut off so this could be flooding the engine?
  15. Leiden

    Warm Start Struggles

    Are you losing coolant?
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