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  1. andybp

    V6, lambda different bank to bank

    I'm running individual throttle bodies on my Z and have the same problem , I just assumed it was syncing between the throttle bodies but now you've said this I may get my spare injectors cleaned and tested and swap them over
  2. andybp

    1993 fd3s rx7 g4+ plugin - xs loom help

    the green should be sensor gnd the red low current 5v or ign 8, ign 7 depending on which expansion connector you use but neither connector has all the inputs/outputs you need as you seem to need 3 analog inputs and 1 aux output and neither connector has that combination so potentially you need 2 connectors
  3. andybp

    350z anti theft

    mine's an 03 and was the same had to disable it
  4. andybp

    350z e throttle

    the issue with the springs is due to poor quality obx throttle bodies got the isc solenoid worked out thx going to use aux 5 or 8 if i can find them my car has the four o2 sensors 2 front wideband and I already use analog 10 and 11 from the front right sensor for my 2 wideband sensors
  5. andybp

    E throttle position sensor error altezza

    are the main and sub combined or are they seperate sensors ?
  6. andybp

    350z e throttle

    I've got a 350z g4+ plugin and have been trying to get my itb setup to work with the electronic throttle but the 6 springs in the setup are too strong and the throttle motor keeps overloading I cant reduce the spring tension as it messes my idle up if I go to a cable throttle setup as opposed to the drive by wire how do I wire up an idle air valve to control idle speed for cold start and engine load conditions air con etc or am i better off using ignition idle control any help/advice appreciated
  7. andybp

    Windows tablet power from USB?

    I went with a 10" linx 1010 has multiple usb
  8. andybp

    mixture map filter

    we both made the same mistake needs to be less than .5 greater than .5 will be on all working now.
  9. andybp

    mixture map filter

    I tried that but used > 0 not .5 will give it a try as you say. Thx
  10. andybp

    mixture map filter

    Anyone know if it's possible to use the overrun fuel cut status as a filter in the mixture map so it doesn't log during fuel cut
  11. andybp

    Windows tablet multidisplay

    I've gone with a 10" win 10 tablet took the back off and connected an external button to the power switch
  12. andybp

    Connect link with wideband

    looks like i did the same thing
  13. andybp

    Connect link with wideband

    I'll keep an eye on this as I have the same problem
  14. andybp

    350z plugin fault code

    excellent thx thats sorted it the high and low were the wrong way around ?
  15. andybp

    350z plugin fault code

    Hi guys I've just installed my plugin for the 350z and I have a few issues so I've managed to get it running after disabling the immobiliser but I have a fault 101 an v12 high but I cant seem to find out what an v12 is connected to also my cel light is up not sure if this is just this fault causing it any ideas ? Thx