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  1. 1. Take a look at the log. I tried to figure out but no success. Log 2018-01-12 12;18;27 am.llg 3. Lambda Problem I wired it wrong, just changed to the correct AN input and started to work.
  2. 1. I tried to play with the fan (2 and 3) configuration but without success. 3. I tried to change the AEM ground from body to a random black wire from under the dash but no success to read values too. Thinking about getting a direct wire from the engine block, should I try it? My AEM model is 30-4110. Will post an updated log and configuration today late. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey guys, just installed a G4+ on a stock Subaru 2000 Sti Type RA and I'm having some problem. I'm not a professional but know the basic things and wanna learn deeply about that. 1 - My Engine Fan 2 is always on. When I turn the key to on position it's turned on too. 2 - When I start the engine (hot) the idle stay at 900 rpm but if I depress the accelerator it's going to 1500 and stay around this value. 3 - Looks like my wideband O2 sensor is not working properly. I can not see the values changing and the Log shows it always at 0.686. I guess something is wrong with that. I'm using an AEM and used this post as reference to configure: My AEM ground is on the body, not sure if is that the problem. Would be better plug it on the GND on XL Loom? Log 2018-01-6 2_03_54 am.llg Subaru TypeRA V6.pclr
  4. tiago

    IAT installation Subaru V5-V6

    Hi Dean, I received my link ecu yesterday and will put it on an Impreza Sti 2000 too. I'm planning to add the IAT in one of this 2 location. Talked with some guys and they are using in that way on the oem sti IC. They drilled a hole and added threads. Will do the same, I think that will be better than weld something. Will try to attempt the first start after Christmas.
  5. tiago

    IAT sensor location

    Hi Cameron, just got a G4 and will install it on a GC8 Sti with the TMIC. Did you drill and created threads for the IAT or weld? I'm planning to add threads but not sure if will be possible. Thanks