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GPS input

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To allow higher frequency inputs requires new hardware, this will be a consideration as we develop new platforms. But to what exists currently there will not be any change.

The JEGS unit mentioned looks to be a viable option. On the 4000 pulses per mile setting you should end up with a calibration figure of close to 250 to give a correct speed reading.

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We can only take up to a around 500Hz on a digital input due to hardware limits.

If the frequency out put of the device is more that this there is no solution we can offer out of the ECU.

If however this unit is geared to be able to drive factory speedos then I would think it could be calibrated to suit the different speedos it should then be able to be matched to our ECU.

Could this explain why I have a 1-130km/h reading on my Aim Dash and when I go faster it resets to 1 km and counts up again.

I'm now adding the "over 130km/h" figure to 130 km/h to get correct speed. Gear selector also goes from whatever gear I'm in back to 1st..

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