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help anti lag RB26DETT

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You are probably best to discuss this with your tuner.  Antilag is not very practical for a road car, you will need non-vacuum assisted brakes etc.  It sounds like possibly a tune issue to me, I would expect the S300 to be excessively laggy.  

Your tune file is password protected.


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You say Your boost is to high after 4500 RPM. I am looking at Your boost control. And main wastegate dc% table is set to 0. Are You refering only on wastegate spring pressure? Couse now, ECU is not controling your boost. Tune Your boost map first.

Anti lag. Not even suggestin this function for street car.

So basically, tune the boost control first and then test the car. 

What RPM you are making full boost? If it is 4500 RPM. It more then enough for street car. If you boost you car sooner, it will start wobbling in every gear and driveability with that kind of a car is horrible.

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