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  1. Yes the car is mapped properly. The ethrottle calibration can’t be completed as the throttle is now cable controlled for the full sweep of the throttle blade. The parts allow for the ethrottle to operate only for idle up situations.
  2. Hi Team, Has anyone used one of these https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/premiumjapan/item/kit-001/?scid=af_gl_lnk_linkshare_paid_TnL5HPStwNw&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-RCrg6eZChB.1vnsib9I33Q and retained the ac and cold start idle up functions on an altezza. I have a customer car with one of these converters fitted and the supplier claims it is possible to retain the idle up functionality. After converting the throttle using the kit, the ethrottle motor does retain some control but the ethrottle system reports tracking errors and limits the car.
  3. Also, experiencing the same. Really slow when connecting or accessing parameters for table axis/logging. Fairly new windows 10 Dell Laptop.
  4. Drty30

    Atessa Controller

    Hi, Has anyone attempted to use a g4+ thunder's G sensor coupled with slip measurements and gp output to control the 4wd system on an r32 GTR? I am working on the system and in theory it seems to be possible. Any feedback would be great!
  5. Are both units sharing a 12V supply and grounded at the same point ?
  6. I actually mean when running dual maps. Using the F key will sometimes cycle between fuel map 1 and fuel map 2. Same goes for I. I'm also having trouble if i try to select another table, say for instance a boost control table while in the tuning tab it will replace the fuel map on the tab.
  7. Hi Simon, There is also something strange happening when toggling between fuel and ignition maps with the F and I keys. One instance the higlighted map will toggle and others it will switch to secondary fuel map and other strange things.
  8. I'm curious if it is possible to do custom math channels in real time and possible in logged data? For instance have an equation like measured lambda divided by target lambda and have the result of that equation logged or displayed?
  9. Hi All, As a temporary solution i tied the TP main signal to both tp main and tp sub inputs on the link and changed the PID settings to 5, .059. 20. The calibration completed successfully and the throttle now works. FP main and FP sub are wired as per specification. Regards,
  10. I fed TP(Main) to both inputs on the link as you described and still the TP calibration failed. The throttle blade moves smoothly to 100 percent throttle during TP(Main) calibration then closes, moves smoothly to 100 percent during TP(Sub) calibration then closes. On the final part of the calibration it moves to 100 percent then oscillates rapidly between say 95 and 100 percent then fails on error 16 again. As soon as you switch ethrottle to on mode it fails on error 76. The FP seems to be working fine however havent gotten any errors on this side using bot the FP main and sub signals.
  11. Hello, I have fitted a g4+ plugin ecu to a 3SGE and i'm having trouble calibrating the TP. The issue is with the TP calibration (TP MAIN and TP SUB) By default TP (SUB) is ANV5 and TP (MAIN) ANV6. With this configuration the TP calibration fails and the TP displayed in link is a maximum of approx. 60 percent. I get error 16 target 98 cant be reached. During the troubleshooting process i swapped the tp main and sub functions in pc link. This provided better results as as the calibration screen would show the TP getting to 100 percernt but sort of "chattering" between 95 and 100. Ironically the
  12. I believe you are correct. I had Aux 1 set for idle as well as injector out 7. Will correct this and report back. Thanks!
  13. I'm having a strange problem with my G4+ extreme. It appears that the idle speed motor will not be controlled once the power is cycled on the ecu. The only time that the ecu begins controlling the motor is if i make change to the frequency of the output. Example: I will start the car and it will idle at 600 rpm ( this is where it idles with the motor disconnected). If i go into pc link and say the control frequency is 300 Hz, i can re-enter 300 Hz and hit enter and the idle will jump up to the desired 1000 rpm. Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Drty30

    Knock Monitoring

    Can we get that on the wish list then? Seperation of Knock Monitoring and Knock Control? Cheers !
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