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  1. Adam, I have found my link ecu box and its a link g4 + plugin, does the g4+ have the ability to operate the dbw without needing the e throttle? Thanks
  2. Thanks Simon, will the link E-Throttle work with any DBW setup or just the Link DBW Throttle bodies?
  3. Hi All, i have a link G4 plugin for my sr20det, it was brought in 2016 from NZEFI, just wondering if that software is able to run a drive by wire throttle system? can the g4 software be upgraded to g4x software to run dbw? Thanks
  4. Hi Deano, I did exactly what Adam mentioned above, the factory sensor controls the light on the dash, and the aftermarket sensor which is controlled through the link is set at a minimum psi which when triggered depending on how long the pressure is wont let the engine rev high to damage it( limp mode) If you remove it then your tuner will set the up the new sensor to replace it, not to sure if the tuner can program it to do both, but since my engine was sitting for a while and it had a new turbo, we disabled the cas and turned it over to build oil pressure/until the dash light went out
  5. Found the issue, it was due to voltage drop, from 13.9 volts to 13.84v, when the twin electric fans, heater, lights where going it was running at 13.78 volts, dropped to 13.7v at its lowest and was affecting the fuel supply
  6. Hi all, noticed that my car has been running very rough on startup for a little bit, my auto sparky said that the iac valve has quit after 16 years, tried cleaning it and putting it back on. He mentioned that they can tune the vehicle without the iac valve, is this recommended? Any help is appreciated, I am waiting for s13 iac valves to come back into stock at efi solutions australia, but they wont have them in time before my tune is booked
  7. Hi Adam, Thanks for the reply, its feed by a new walbro 500hp pump, new fuel tank, new lines, fittings, new surge tank, as per the photo, which the only restriction I can think of is the 90 degree fitting coming out of the pump, which that braided hose connects to the fuel line New in- tank Walbro 500hp feeds the surge tank, bosch 044 is connect to the bottom port of the surge tank and the braided line connects to the factory fuel line, though to a NZKW inline billet fuel filter 35 micron, then to the fuel rail. Top 90 degree line into surge tank is from the in tank walbro
  8. Hi all, I brought this Bosch 044 from DSR Turbo in 2012, had it sitting away in dry storage while I put the car on hold. now I have it all running the pumps running it does not sound consistent when running, I brought it from DSR turbo because I knew it would be a genuine pump, below is the video of the pump, from the sound does it sound defective to you or is it supposed to sound like that? Any help is appreciated, I would like to know so I can replace it before I heard to the dyno after the covid lockdown is over cheers
  9. Hi Adam, in the photo, that is the pressure switch for the warning light on the cluster, comes on for low oil or low oil pressure
  10. Hi there, I brought a link g4 plugin for my rps13 sr20det street car, and wish to install a 150psi honeywell oil pressure sensor as extra insurance to protect my motor, will this replace the factory oil pressure sensor in my block? Or do I need to run both? I have a custom oil block adapter fitted to my engine which does not have any ports to fit the factory sensor, the attached photo shows my aftermarket sandwich block with the factory sensor, there is little room for extra sensor to fit in the other port that's blocked Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all, I was originally going to buy a d-jetro power fc for rps13 180x running a s2 sr20det non vvl, but i came to my senses and brought a link g4+ plug in from NZEFI, unfortunately i sold my ecu and have not been able to find another as they aren't for sale separately from engine packages, My question is are there any other nissan ecu cases that will fit my link into, i see on trademe there is a rb25det manual turbo case for sale which i plan to purchase if the header plug is the same width and length, any other suggestions, i have asked around tuning shops but they give them back to the ow
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